Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sequential Geishas

This was the last real project we did in illustration this semester the asigment was to come up with 3 images that went together and to do one with black, white, and one color. Which is the one above, this is my favorite of the three i had some fun with the kimono design and patterns in them. My images were all about the tradition of geisha and the black, white, and red image was showing about communication, and the classes they took jsut to elarn how to have agod conversation.
The second image had to be done with a color "triad" and it shows the art of applying makeup. Geisha's were very superstitious and something as simple as applying makeup too hours to do with all the rituals and praying. I'm so glad we don't have to do that in this day an age.
Last image, compliments, the art of dance. Geisha means artist so naturally they would master all of the arts like dancing, painting, singing and playing various instruments.

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