Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sequential Geishas

This was the last real project we did in illustration this semester the asigment was to come up with 3 images that went together and to do one with black, white, and one color. Which is the one above, this is my favorite of the three i had some fun with the kimono design and patterns in them. My images were all about the tradition of geisha and the black, white, and red image was showing about communication, and the classes they took jsut to elarn how to have agod conversation.
The second image had to be done with a color "triad" and it shows the art of applying makeup. Geisha's were very superstitious and something as simple as applying makeup too hours to do with all the rituals and praying. I'm so glad we don't have to do that in this day an age.
Last image, compliments, the art of dance. Geisha means artist so naturally they would master all of the arts like dancing, painting, singing and playing various instruments.

The moon lady

This was an illustration assignment to do a 2 page children's book spread, i chose the Japaneses story of the moon lady. It's watercolor on board. That week i just got a new color purple called permanent mauve, and as you can see i got carried away with the purple. It's a beautiful color though i wont lie. I really pushed the design of the kimonos and im glad i did thsi year i will really try to make more of a design with the clothes of the characters i am going to draw i really really enjoy doing children and regular book illustration i hope i make a future out of it one day.


I took a synergism class this year which is about combining things like animals and people or people and machines, or things and machines to get a point across. This was an open assignment and i had the hardest time coming up with an idea! I'm an illustrator i need people to give me assignments and boarders otherwise i sail blind! Well finally i got this idea from inspiration from a friend in the class. It was my favorite illustration i did in that class.

Every hair on the dog

the famous project done in media. I did an otter (hopefully its obvious)
nuff said.


Here is a spot illustration i did sophomore year in miss. french's class. She was a really great teacher and taught me a lot of things that i can see my self using in m professional career as an artist one day. I'm sad that she is gone but it was probably for the best considering her popularity with the rest of the student body, they just didn't realize the awesomeness of her art.

Sophmore painting class

i had miss. cooper for painting class and her white on white project taught me a lot about finding color where you wouldn't expect any.

a complimentary painting
a painting that i did on the beach, it was a really great class with a really great teacher.

When spirits walk

This is the first piece i did this year in Illustration class, we had to pick a title from a envelope develop a story for it and then design a cover for it. Its done in acrylic with some digital touch ups the title i picked from th envelope was "When spirits walk" and the story i cam up with was about a little african girl and her spirit animal trying to save her village, very typical but i thought it was cute! The background i have fudged with over and over again any suggestions?
here is a close up of my animals! i went with a graphic approach this time with the paint. Good choice? i think so :)

Figure painting

so since Christmas just passed my family raided my figure pieces. I only have one that survived because it did not fit in my moms suitcase and she is coming back in March to claim it. This painting is a lady in a black dress with a black drape in the background. It was a 3 day painting but i was sick on the third day so I was unable to finish.

First post EVER

So the fact that everyone in school has a blog but me has finally driven me to make one. Now all i need ot do is post some art. That is what this is for, right?